It’s a rare respite from the ceaseless fascination with the latest developments in Washington.

It can often feel like the Trump administration is a news tornado that demolishes every other storyline rotating around the globe.

But Saturday’s royal wedding broke through at least on one medium — Google search — with Americans’ interest in homegrown actress Meghan Markle blowing away their fascination with Donald Trump.

The chart above, courtesy of Google Trends shows in relative terms (not absolute) that we were much more curious for the latest on Markle — and to a lesser extent, Prince Harry — than we were for the latest from Washington. Interest spiked right as wall-to-wall television coverage kicked off on Saturday morning, with many broadcasters live from the scene at Windsor Castle.

The totality of our obsession with the British monarchy won’t come into full view until television viewership totals are released by Nielsen later this weekend. But here were some of the questions most on our mind in the run-up to the show, per Google.

  • How old is Meghan Markle? (Answer: 36)
  • How did Prince Harry and Meghan meet? (Answer: On a blind date)
  • What will Meghan’s title be? (Answer: The Duchess of Sussex)

Meghan and Harry are, unsurprisingly, the most commonly searched members of the royal family over the last week in the U.S. But Harry should still have a chip on his shoulder: The top searched royal wedding since 2004, according to Google, is that of his brother’s, Prince William, marriage ceremony to Kate Middleton in 2011.

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Theodore Schleifer

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