By caroline

Relive the Hardbrakers’s 2014 Grand Tour

At 14 riders strong, the Hardbrakers are a crew of like-minded bikers with a taste for adventure. The cyclists have been riding together since 2012 and the popularity of their annual Grand Tour has amplified their reputation within the international cycling community. Their bikes are fixed-gears; their journeys are ambitious. Crossing mountains, river, plains, and valleys, the Hardbrakers’ Grand Tour is a spectacle of epic proportions.

It should come as no surprise that the Hardbrakers are accompanied by a media team on their annual expedition to document their journeys on film and in photographs. Featuring nine riders from the Hardbrakers, the footage from the 2014 trip between Lisbon and Marrakech can be downloaded from Vimeo. For each download or rental of the documentary, the team will donate a Euro to Raum für Fahrradkultur, a space for bicycle culture in Hamburg. Watch the trailer and browse through a selection of photographs from the ride, or browse and buy Velo 3rd Gear for an update on other riders around the world making waves in the community.

Images © Carlos Fernandez Laser

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