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Ok, so we’re going to be spending more time at home. You don’t need us to remind you why. In the spirit of keeping ourselves and our children happy, we’ve pulled together a list of fun activities brought to you by creatives everywhere.

It was Jon Burgerman who kicked things off nicely with his It’s Great to Create series. And now everyone’s getting involved. From supplying downloadable colouring books to sharing ideas on making art, we’re also sharing loads of fun activities on the new Creative Boom Chat if you want to join in.

Here are loads of creative things to do, courtesy of Creative Boom and a wealth of emerging and established artists, designers and makers. Please note, we’ll keep adding more to this list – you’re welcome to tweet us or email your submission. Stay safe everyone! We’re all in this together.

Creative Boom Eyes

Over on Instagram, we’re providing our googly eyes for you to do anything you want with. Download the AI file here for digital creations. If you want to print it out, you can download our icon here – you may want to cut out the eyes, stick them to something and take a photo.

You can then share your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #creativeboom or tagging us @creativeboommag.

We are in the process of approaching loads of fun brands and will hopefully be giving prizes away to the funniest and best creations. Watch this space! (If you’re a brand reading this and you want to get involved, email

Stay Home Creative Club

Daniel Chimal has provided a free workbook to create with your children at home. It features six activities and he’s asking for you to share your results on social media using the hashtag #stayhomecreativeclub.

The Great Indoors

Manchester’s Young Studio has illustrated a new, timely Scouts guide to 100+ home-based activities. Commissioned before the Coronavirus outbreak, #TheGreatIndoors is now online to help families cooped up inside. The free games, activities and craft ideas are all designed to keep little ones entertained and educated while each activity has clear outcomes like communication skills or learning how to problem-solve.

Published with quirky illustrations and animations, created by Young Studio, plus ‘how-to’ videos by Follow Films and Young Studio, the resources will soon include sessions on Facebook Live by Scouts ambassadors, including Steve Backshall and Helen Glover.

The Make Escape

The people behind The Make Escape have provided creative ideas and inspiration for easy crafts projects you can try at home yourself. Make your own sleep mask or dream catcher, and find more ideas over on their Instagram.

Superhero Colouring In by Matt Richards

Illustrator Matt Richards is bringing us our favourite superheroes in the form of downloadable colouring-in sheets. We love the tributes to Captain Marvel. Get busy with your colouring tool of choice and let Matt see the results. Tag him @mattillustrates on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #StayAtHomeAndColourIn.

Free colouring in sheets by Jacqueline Colley

Two A4 sheets ready to download and print, courtesy of illustrator and pattern designer Jacqueline Colley. These are great for both children and adults who need a bit of mindful colouring-in right now. She’s also added a ‘to’ and ‘from’ section to the Stamp and Love Token artworks, perfect for posting to friends and family.

Peter Fowler’s Lockdown Colouring In Sheets

London illustrator Peter Fowler has put together four downloadable colouring-in sheets, and that’s just the start. It sounds like there’ll be more to come, so follow him on Twitter to see what he shares next.

The Bestiary by Ben Rothery

“Meet some of the incredible species with whom we share our home, not just the bold and the beautiful ones but the interesting and ugly ones too,” says illustrator Ben Rothery. He’s just launched The Bestiary where each week, he’ll upload five new species, one for each working day, with a downloadable image and a fact about that day’s species so you can learn about the wonderful creatures we share this planet with.

Each species features a reference illustration and a downloadable colouring image which can either be printed out or edited on your computer or tablet. You can share your work online using the hashtag #TheBestiary and tag Ben using @BRillustrations on Instagram and Twitter, too.

Free Activity Pages by Adam J Kurtz

This set of 42 pages from Adam’s guided journals is “silly, introspective, and maybe a little existential”, but appropriate for all ages. You can print the PDF file at home, or use the individual JPEG files with drawing software like Procreate or Adobe Fresco. There is no charge but please use a valid email at “checkout” because files will be sent to your inbox. Disclaimer: for personal use only but “totally ok to share with friends and family!”

Live creative demos via The Old Bank Residency

The Old Bank Residency in Manchester has gone digital in the last week or so. And they’re now providing live demonstrations and web-based workshops via their website. Local maker Joe Hartley kicked off proceedings. Follow their updates on Twitter.

Happy Downloads by Anorak

Anorak magazine has created a new series called Happy Downloads, free creative activities for children. From creating your own story to a sweeties word search, we’re adding these to our list today.

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