By Patrick Burgoyne

Dieter Rams products

Hustwit says that “I have been granted unprecedented and exclusive access to Dieter for the first feature-length documentary about his life and work”. Hustwit has already spent several weeks filming Rams at his hime and studio in Germany, with the help of designer Erik Spiekermann and Mark Adams of Vitsoe, manufacturer of Rams’ famous shelving system.

“But we still have a ton of filming left to go, which is why we are turning to Kickstarter,” Hustwit says. “The documentary will include in-depth conversations with Dieter, and detail the process behind some of his most iconic designs. We want to get past the legend of Dieter, and get into his philosophy, process, inspirations, and even his regrets.”

A few of the over 500 products Dieter Rams has designed or overseen the design of

As well as the documentary, Hustwit says he wants to use the money raised to archive Rams’s work: “There’s a trove of drawings, photographs, and other material spanning Dieter’s fifty plus years of work, and it needs to be properly conserved,” Hustwit says. “To that end, we’re working with the Dieter and Ingeborg Rams Foundation to help them catalog, digitize, and save these documents. The public has never seen most of this material, and we intend to share some of these discoveries with our backers during the process of making the film.”

Braun Nizo 561 camera and drawings

Among the rewards on offer for donations to the Kickstarter fund are limited edition prints designed by Michael C Place of Build (shown below)

Limited-edition silkscreen prints designed by BuildLimited-edition silkscreen prints designed by Build

a tour of the Vitsoe factory, and, for those with deeper pockets, a vintage Braun radio.

The Kickstarter fund, which runs until July 22, is being run by Alex Daly whose successes on the platform include the re-issued NYC Transit Standards Manual and Neil Young’s Pono music player. Read our interview with her here.

Rams at work at Braun, circa 1980sRams at work at Braun, circa 1980s

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