By Eliza Williams

Most of us hate those ads that pop up on Youtube before the films you’ve actually arrived there to watch, but last year Geico showed that you can have fun with them, creating ‘Unskippable‘, a series of spots so compelling and funny that you watched them instead of skipping to the main event.

The US insurance firm has now released another set of ads, which do a similar job of subverting the pre-roll format. These ones show five seconds of an ad, before a voiceover comes on saying, ‘we now fast forward to the end of this Geico ad, so you can get to your video faster’. We then zip to the end of the ad, which in each case – there are four ads in the series – reveals a surreal and intriguing scene. If you’re curious enough about what’s created it, you can click through to watch the full ad, or just go straight to the film you originally wanted to view.

The clever spots are a win-win for Geico: the essential (and quite boring) information that the brand wants to express is there in the first few seconds, but the hope is obviously that viewers will be intrigued enough by the end clips to watch the full ads. And, thankfully, they are zany and fun enough to make the click worthwhile.

Shown below are the 15 second clips for each ad, followed by the full-length versions.

Agency: The Martin Agency

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