By nathan

The Artist Captures the Protective Spirit of a City

In the days of the ancient Romans, Genius Loci was used to describe the protective spirit of a place: it was the spirit responsible for maintaining unity. Be it in the scents, the colors, or simply the personalities of people strolling through the streets, all cities are ripe with an underlying sense of self. Artist Anastasia Savinova documents these sociogeographic moments in her collages. As she explored cities across Europe with her camera in hand, Savinova documented the living quarters specific to each city that she found herself in, later fragmenting and layering the photographs to create a collage that captured the Genius Loci of the city. As a result, each patchwork represents a whole whose sum is greater than its parts.




Dalarna, Sweden

Upland, Sweden


Images © Anastasia Savinova

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