Geray Gencer has created some gorgeously abstract, modern, illustration-led designs for Egmont Publishing Istanbul’s Literary Classics series. Gencer, who is creative director at the company, also works part-time as a lecturer at Istanbul Işık University Faculty of Fine Arts and is a member of the board directors of Turkish Graphic Design Association GMK. He says that for this series, he looked back at the centuries-old history of literary classics covers, which “have been redesigned numerous times”.

He continues, “While these classics are still exciting and inspiring in content, their covers are commonly outdated. In this project, abstract illustrations are distinctively used to create a wide space for the reader’s imagination as well as making classics appealing to younger readers with a contemporary, graphic style.”

Throughout Gencer’s entire portfolio, his primary area of interest is cultural projects with a strong emphasis on typography, “feeding on the mutual area of art and design.” He says that his design practice “is not based on problem solving or storytelling Basically I can define myself as a translator. I translate ideas into visual language and try to find powerful links among non-visual things and their possible visual indications.”

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Emily Gosling

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