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Five of Our Favorite Fonts as Seen in Our Books

Since 2003, Gestalten has offered a roster of a versatile selection of cutting-edge fonts created by designers and typographers from around the world. The fonts offered by our curated foundry are diverse in style and use: They range from elegant and minimal typefaces tailor made for running text to experimental fonts for dramatic standfirsts and headers. Each font that we offer was handpicked by our esteemed graphic designers and editors—the same team that realize their potential in our many bestselling titles. See our favorite examples of Gestalten Fonts in action below.



Our font Catalog is a tribute to the classic serif typefaces and the elegance that they convey. As such, the artistic but functional font was an easy choice for our recent release Kaleidoscope. Focusing on bright colors and striking patterns in interior design, the book needed little embellishment. As such, Catalog proved to be the perfect display font for Kaleidoscope.



Blender is a clean, san-serif font from Gestalten Fonts that is the synthesis of two CAD-fonts from the early days of digital illustration. We used Blender in our book PhotoViz as to pair groundbreaking data visualizations with an old-school font steeped in the history of digital illustration for a striking juxtaposition.



No-nonsense by nature, Sequencia is a font that remains impressively legible even at smaller sizes. The font from our foundry paired well with James Silverman’s elegant photographs in our book Infinite Space.



Our book Velo 3rd Gear showcases bicycle culture at its finest from saddle to spokes. Our font Berg added a bold but playful touch to the third volume of our popular series. The fonts arms and stems wind and curve, adding an element of motion to the text.



Our font Karlo Sans is part of a super family of fonts all based on an evenly-weighted single stroke. At heavier weights, the font develops with a subtly calligraphic curve, echoing the crests and peaks of our book Surf Odyssey.


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