By Mark Sinclair


The MCS is a UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. Its new Good Fish Guide app, designed by creative partnership Hopkins & Jackson, aims to help people make more informed choices when buying fish.

“The app uses a simple traffic light system so users can see at-a-glance which fish are at risk and which are doing just fine,” says H&J’s Gareth Hopkins. “

[It] also features sustainable fish recipes of the month, plus you can check the sustainability rating of restaurants near you. It’s here to help consumers make better choices about the fish they eat and where they eat them. And help protect endangered species by doing so.”

In terms of their approach to the creative, Hopkins explains, the duo knew it would hard to make people really care about fish – “they’re not a panda, elephant or rhino” – so the hard-hitting, emotional route was ruled out. As the app houses a wealth of information, much of which surprised its creators, ‘getting to know fish’ became the jumping off point for the work.


“We’d seen Graham’s work before and knew his unique sense of humour and style would be a perfect fit for the campaign,” says Hopkins. “So we teamed up to create a number of silly scenarios that would deliver our message in, hopefully, a memorable way and encourage people to find out more.” 

A certain amount of freedom in the brief seemingly appealed to Roumieu, whose illustrations balance a perfectly weighted humour with the seriousness of the issue. “As it was for an app, I thought of dating apps, awkward first date activities, 80s buddy movie montage freeze-frames, and that sort of thing,” says the illustrator.

The app is available now on the App Store and Google Play. More on the Marine Conservation Society at


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