Lukas writes from Switzerland with a question about network inconsistency. He has 60Mbps Internet access, but his Wi-Fi network often drops anywhere from half to a twelfth of that. He has ethernet in his home, but uses a version of powerline networking, which carries about 30 to 40Mbps.

He asks:

Would it be possible that OS X (or other software) constantly observes speed performance and, if performance is bad, automatically switches from Wi-Fi to ethernet?

Lukas is aware that if the connection drops altogether, macOS will swap to the next available network connection, if multiple connections are active.

It’s a great idea, but it doesn’t exist. Conceivably, a developer could create software that monitored network interfaces and changed the priority of which network was used when one dropped, but it’s such a niche need for an individual user—as opposed to a data center server—that it’s unlikely anyone will ever program it.

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