Think luxury hotels, think Dorchester. Steeped in elegance and heritage, the Dorchester brand has long been associated with the high life. And with the collection now including the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel–featuring that wallpaper–you’d be hard-pressed to find a more indulgent set of places to stay.

To further convey this message, illustrator Gigi Rose Gray was commissioned by the hotelier to capture and communicate its unique essence.

Gigi explains: “The brief was to encapsulate each Dorchester hotel into one illustration that best represents its unique space and atmosphere. To demonstrate the beautifully considered decor, the history of architecture and elegance of the guests.

“I had the opportunity of visiting each hotel throughout Europe and Los Angeles, spending a few days in each and taking in the many rooms and aspects of each space, in both their form and function.

“I took many photos, made dozens of on-site sketches and took lots of notes which helped me better know how to approach condensing each hotel into one image. It was quite a challenge that required more preparation than I’ve ever needed before!”

The resulting illustrations are stunning. Discover more at

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Laura Collinson

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