By nathan

Playfully Imagining How Genetically Modified Fruits Might Look

Food consumption is rising rapidly, demanding faster food production with more fruitful harvests. Genetically modified food is the answer to some, but the enemy to many. German photographer Enrico Becker teamed up with Matt Harris to explore the issues of GMOs for Issue 0 of Sydney-based publication Ligature Journal. The shoot featured bananas, avocados, mangoes and other fruits painted with a muted pastel palette and with barcodes tattooed on their rinds. Titled Genetically Modified Fruit, the series of still-life photographs is a playful look at how GMOs could look: beautiful.

Becker and Harris are part of a generation of young creatives who are revitalizing the still life as a form of creative expression. See more from the renaissance in design, photography, and product styling in our recent release The Still Life.

Images © Enrico Becker & Matt Harris

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