By Salonee Gadgil

Cover of Fanpages


This new annual UK magazine is the brainchild of Kira Jolliffe and Bay Garnett, who founded the hugely popular Cheap Date magazine in the 90s. For its first issue, the duo reached out to celebrities and fashion icons like photographer Nick Knight, filmmaker Louis Theroux, Singer Rita Ora, stylist Jo Mckenna and about 60 others. Each was asked to create a spread or ‘fanpage’ dedicated to their fashion obsessions.

This loose brief lent itself to fluid interpretation, with Knight, for instance, dedicating his page to rocks and designer Salonge Azagury paying homage to rainbows. The result is a delightful scrapbook, each spread an expression of individuality – which all together is a little bit haphazard, but more interesting for it.

We asked Garnett whose fandom we can hope to encounter in the next issue, but it’s all a bit hush-hush at the moment. The editors seem to be taking a more crowd-sourced approach for the next one – this issue ends with an invitation for all readers to send in their own fanpage, which might make it to the mag in 2017.

Cover of Fanpages

Rock and Roll, by Simon Reed and Serena Reeds
Bella Freud for Fanpages magazineBritish fashion designer Bella Freud writes about ‘The School Girl’ for her contribution to Fanpages
Spread from issue 1 of FanpagesFrench designer Julie De Libran loves stripes

Accent #1

Accent is a biannual print magazine which “couldn’t wait to join

[the UK’s] thriving indie publishing scene”. Though this is the first printed issue, the online version of the magazine has been bringing us stories about subcultures from across the globe for about four years now. After slowly growing their online readership, editors Lydia Garnett and Lucy Nurnberg thought it was time to create a “physical object” – and they’ve created one that stands out not just for its unpretentious approach to storytelling but also for its use of bold colours and striking warped typography.

“We always feature a couple of big profiles of extraordinary individuals, an archive feature, a look at an interesting subculture and a few more light-hearted features,” says editor Nurnberg. In this issue meet a vogueing ballerina from NYC, a ‘bondooking’ community of RV dwellers and street kids of Mexico City.

Spread from Accent #1Spread from Accent #1
A spread from issue 1 of magazine Kia Labieja, the vogueing ballerina of NYC
A spread from issue 1 of magazine Los Niños

Lunch Lady Issue 3

Lunch Lady was conceived when a little girl was bullied for bringing in healthy packed lunches to school. Her mum decided to help her deal with the problem by setting up a blog in August 2013 where the two shared recipes that they could cook together in their home in the Australian countryside. As the blog grew in popularity it was spotted by publishing house We Print Nice Things who decided it needed to be, well, printed.

Once every quarter Kate Berry develops, tests and photographs recipes which are compiled into a charming little book, punctuated with stories for “creative people who also happen to be parents”. The third issue of Lunch Lady comes just in time for the British summer with a warm and fuzzy story about camping and cooking outdoors, the inspiring story of a mum with a differently abled daughter and an entire feature dedicated to fanciful pie tops.

Cover of Lunch Lady Issue 3 Cover of Lunch Lady Issue 3
Spread from magazine Lunch Lady Issue 3Spread from Lunch Lady Issue 3 

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