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issues of Crisis magazine, which featured writing and imagery exploring UK housing.

Alex Mezzetti is a London based artist, who has just graduated from the Leeds College of Art‘s Graphic Design programme. Much of his self-initiated work is politically charged, and addresses contemporary issues.

CR: Tell us a little bit about your approach to graphic design and your work 

AM: I believe graphic design should be willing to engage with the world around it and constantly evolve and I’d much rather create something that

[is unique even if it] doesn’t work than something that looks like everything else.

Mezzetti’s project titled Crisis, was inspired by a number of successful grassroots activists that made the news in 2014, and organisations such as Radical Housing Network and Shelter. Pictured here are issues of Crisis magazine, which featured writing and imagery exploring UK housing; Lead image: A poster showing the political history of housing in the UK, from the project Crisis.

CR: We selected a piece from your project titled ‘Crisis’ to be a part of our Talentspotting initiative. What inspired this body of work? 

AM: The housing crisis is one of the most pressing issues of our generation, and yet other than vague promises to build more houses, we hear very few solutions. This inspired me to investigate for myself.

I spent a couple of months on this project, with roughly half of that on research, and ended up with a 40 page magazine with wrap-around poster, a website and series of 50 unique promotional screenprinted posters. The content was from a range of writers and campaigners, but the design and illustration was solely me. I actually extended this project for use at Dismaland with the No Borders book shop, and have definitely considered working on a second issue, as the topic has by no means disappeared.

Hoarding outside an occupation of the Aylesbury estate, due for demolition

CR: What’s the most absurd thing you’ve had to do for a project? 

AM: I actually had to do a photoshoot of a number of streets in London for this project, Including empty mansions of billionaires row, which attracted quite a bit of attention from the private security many of them hired.

Posters for the crisis project by Leeds graduate Alec Mezzetti Promotional posters produced from the Crisis project, made using illustrations from the publication.

CR: What are you working on at the moment. What’s keeping you busy now that you have graduated? 

AM: I’m working on a few small freelance jobs while making the most of a short break by getting away from the screen.

BELOW: From a project on Statue vandalism, recontextualising graffiti on statues.

CR - 7
CR - 5

Your dream job – what would it be? 

Something different with every project, working to educate and inform rather than purely to sell.


Alex Mezzetti portraitMezzetti is one of the 15 graduates whose work has been selected by us to appear on JC Decaux digital screens all over the UK, including at major railway stations, shopping centres and roadways as a part of CR’s Talentspotting scheme. 

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