By Creative Review

Illustration by Fly Chen for CR Talentspotting

CR: Describe your artistic style in 5 words

FC: Positive, colourful, happy, fancy and bold


CR: Has someone/something in particular inspired your work?

FC: I believe surroundings will always influence my work in one way or another, which is why it is so important to keep an open mind and travel, to remain open to new and different inputs. Most of the time my work process is a mix between letting my hand draw on its own without thinking and giving myself some hard rules to follow. Exhibitions and museums are really helpful as well!


CR: What was the most important thing you learnt while at university?

FC: Be curious and ask lots of questions.

Psychedelic Psychedelic

CR: You’ve now graduated. What’s next?

FC: I would go on drawing and creating more works and be a professional illustrator.

Fly ChenWonderland2015

CR: What would your dream project be?

FC: The best thing about being an illustrator is the excitement of seeing your work published in a newspaper or book, or printed on different things. I would like to do a interior design project, my works will print well on wallpapers, curtains,  furniture, crockery etc – I’d like for an audience to enter a space with my work everywhere, it must be cool and fancy!


Portrait.web4Chen is one of the 11 graduates whose work has been selected by us to appear on JCDecaux digital screens all over the UK, including at major railway stations, shopping centres and roadways as a part of CR’s Talentspotting scheme.

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