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Carcass & other stories: Autobiographical book about Fredrik's relationship with his two siblings.

CR: Tell us a little bit about your work – what mediums do you work with?

FA: I tend to have periods where i jump between working on the computer and more analog ways such as gouache and inks. I’ve also spent a lot of time this year getting into ceramic sculptures and turning pots. I think i need the change for me to stay interested. As soon as it gets repetitive i seem to loose interest, only to come back to it again in a few months, but then i apply the things I’ve learnt from other mediums such as inks drawing on to my digital work. So all of it is connected.

Carcass & other stories: Autobiographical book about Fredrik’s relationship with his two siblings.

CR: What are some of the themes you address?

FA: All of my personal work is autobiographical, so common themes are family, relationships and sex. I tend to keep it humorous even when it gets sad. I use my work as a sort of processing, because if i can land in a place where i can laugh at the past i can finally let it go.

Carcass & other stories: Autobiographical book about my relationship with my two siblings.

CR: Has someone or something in particular inspired your work?

FA: Jeffrey Brown has always been one of my biggest idols. As his book clumsy was the first proper autobiographical comic i had read. And i can clearly see how my work and the stories that i wanted to tell changed because of this, he is honest and is not afraid to portray some of his own flaws, and i think that is what i am trying to achieve in my own work as well. In later days Alison Bechdel and David Sedaris has also played major parts in my evolution, especially in my last year at Camberwell.

Ceramics by Fredrik Andersson from Camberwell College of ArtsContain: Series of ceramics.

CR: What was the most valuable lesson you learnt while at university?

FA: To despise group projects…Haha. Jokes aside. I think in the beginning of school i felt really out of place as i was surrounded by people that made me feel like they had better and more contextual ideas. I viewed my straight forward thinking as a weakness. But thanks to many great tutors i have learnt that this honesty of mine is indeed one of my biggest strengths.

CR: If there was one artistic skill or ability you could steal from
someone, what would you steal from whom and why?

FA: Mike Mignola’s, and not for his drawing skill. But for his amazing way of weaving stories together. Hellboy is the best adventure comic that iv’e ever read. I wish i had his imagination.

Illustration by Fredrik Andersson from Camberwell College of Artsby Fredrik Andersson from Camberwell College of Arts

CR: Your dream project or commission, what would it be?

FA: I take a lot of visual  inspiration from cartoons such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe to mention a few. To do artwork and concept for an entire show like that would be a dream come true. But my goal at the moment is to become a published writer and graphic novelist.


Anderssonn is one of the 15 graduates whose work has been selected by us to appear on JCDecaux digital screens all over the UK, including at major railway stations, shopping centres and roadways as a part of CR’s Talentspotting scheme.

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