By Salonee Gadgil

An illustration by graduate Hattie Clark

CR: Congratulations on graduating, what’s next? What are you working on at the moment?

HC: For now I’m continuing to develop and push myself further – I never want to stop learning new skills. I’m enjoying spending time on self initiated ideas and projects alongside generating different freelance work and opportunities. A little later this year I’m doing a short ceramics course at Leeds College of Art. I can’t wait to experiment and use my illustration within this medium!

Yorkshire, an illustration Hattie Clark

CR: What Lead you to study illustration at university?

HC: I fell into it quite naturally. Towards the end of my foundation course my work gradually became more illustrative and I found myself constantly drawing! I still wanted to keep my work quite broad and so the course at Bath was perfect for me as it taught me design skills that I will continue to use within my practice of illustration.

Rugby 4, an illustration by Hattie Clark

CR: Has anyone or anything in particular inspired you illustration style and the techniques you use?

HC: My style and technique is often influenced by the subject matter. I love creating work that is playful and has the ability to make people smile, I think this is reflected in my style. I focus on analogue techniques within my illustrations. I would say my desire to continue to paint and illustration by hand very much influences the techniques that I use.

Illustration of Bath Spa graduate Hattie ClarkCollage shapes, by Hattie Clark

CR: Tell us a little more about the work you did for your graduate show?

HC: Within my projects I have always enjoyed creating work based around a subject matter that is in some way personal to me. I chose to focus on Rugby League and my team the Bradford Bulls. I used my experiences of the matches – the emotions, chants, food and various characters that fill the terraces. It was important to me that the illustrations were all drawn at a large scale and screen printed by hand to communicate a sport and team that I’m so passionate about.

Artwork by Bath Spa graduate Hattie ClarkCut of Crocs

CR: Your dream project/commission, what would it be?

HC: That’s tricky! I dream of having variety within my work and I hope never to limit the type of work that I make. For now, I’d love to work on a project where the outcome pushes the scale of my drawing. It would be a dream to fill the home of my rugby club with huge murals and illustrations around the stadium. To see my illustrations on such a large scale would be brilliant.


Hattie Clark - photoClark is one of the 11 graduates whose work has been selected by us to appear on JCDecaux digital screens all over the UK, including at major railway stations, shopping centres and roadways as a part of CR’s Talentspotting scheme.

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