By Katy Cowan

When Felicity Berkleef was little, she was a very happy child, had some great pals and was mostly an outgoing child who loved to play outside and act goofy. But her life took a sad turn when she went to high school. It was there that she got bullied for many years, which left her insecure and crying almost every day.

It got worse when she almost lost her mother, when she got sick twice, and this all had a large impact on her grades, and she failed high school. Luckily, her mother survived and her life became happier when she began to study graphic design. She built up her confidence, gained new friends and started to become happy. It was around this time that she decided to buy a new camera to add to her growing happiness.

She explained: “I love taking photos of mostly cats. I see my photography as moody and storytelling, with lots of contrast. Photography has changed my life forever and I’m happy that I can share that with people around the world.”

Via BoredPanda

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