Xun Ye is an independent designer / maker, based in Sunnyvale, California. This delicate collection of tableware, titled Haizii, is inspired by Alpine landscapes. The name, which translates from Chinese as ‘Alpine lake’, eludes to each piece allowing its owner to keep a little bit of nature in their home.

Ye explains: “All my works are handmade by myself and each piece is unique. My works are made to capture the fleeting moment of nature, and to become a mini version of the landscape that people can own at home. I used lots of reclaimed clay in my work to minimise the waste.

“My background is an industrial designer and I graduated from Art Center College of Design five years ago. I worked for a design consultancy for two years and then left. My hope is that Haizii demonstrates what is possible when we merge modern design with traditional hand-crafting skills, and to recall the connections between our lives to the great nature.” Discover more at www.haizii.com.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Xun Ye

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Author: Darren Clanford

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