By Katy Cowan

Whilst most of Oso Polar’s handmade dolls are recognisable woodland creatures, some really do leave us guessing. From the weird and wonderful to the cute and creepy – the Russian artist’s ongoing collection of clay figurines demonstrate a unique talent, with every attention to detail meticulously taken care of.

From fiery dragons and cute, fluffy owls to distorted miniature elephants and tiny little mice, each of her creations feature huge, wide eyes – adding to the cute aspect. But where it gets really weird is when you come across fruit and vegetables transformed into little creatures. Think incredibly cute strawberries and bizarre broccoli sheep – nothing is too strange for Oso Polar.

The Moscow-based artist, otherwise known as ‘Anna’, uses clay and mixed materials to craft her handmade dolls, and then sells them online via her Etsy shop. You can follow her latest creations on Instagram.

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