“Don’t take life too serious… because you never get out alive,” reads some scrawled graffiti on the wall of an abandoned Soviet military camp close to Berlin. The empty and forgotten space, where the Red Army’s 90th Guards Tank Division was apparently headquartered, has been captured by British photographer Mike Hindle in a haunting new series.

It was close to freezing when Mike ventured inside the Panzer Kaserne in Bernau. “The adrenaline had already kicked in as we set off from our hotel that morning,” says Mike. “It was an eerie and historically interesting photography mission, to say the least. Street art, decay and scary noises were the order of the day.”

The contrast of the recently painted walls against the rotting windows and crumbling doorways is quite spectacular and makes you wonder if the odd “illegal” rave has taken place on its foundations. With Berlin being the techno capital of the world, it would hardly be surprising. We’re certainly glad Mike dared to venture inside and capture its ugly beauty and mysterious history.

Mike Hindle is a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and explorer working under the name Mikhin. Based in Derby, you can discover more of his recent work at mikhin.uk.

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Katy Cowan

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