Taking the concept of ‘bring your child to work days’ to new extremes, Tubagus Tisna Suherman, an enthusiast photographer, captures the characters that frequent Indonesia’s Lok Baintan floating market.

The market has a 500-year-old legacy and is held on the Martapura River in the Banjar District, South Kalimantan province, Indonesia. It usually takes place from just after dawn until the boats disperse mid-morning. The traders are mostly women offering goods to anyone on the river, including tourists in modern motor boats.

The traders approach in their klotok (traditional boats) and hawk their goods, ranging from fruits, to vegetables, to traditional snacks. Uniquely, they often do not use money for trade, but instead do business by barter system; trading one item for another – Tubagus explains that bargaining is widely practised here.

Sometimes, these women bring along their children, which provides the theme for this lovely series, Children in their mother’s work world. You can discover more at 500px.com.

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Laura Collinson

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