By Laura Collinson

Throughout history art has documented and responded to its wider cultural climate, challenging stereotypes and knocking down boundaries. Painter Kelly Reemtsen’s latest body of work is no different, taking on a subject matter that is very much alive in the current news agenda. Each beautifully painted piece depicts a feminine figure dressed in a fifties-style garment, and each hand grasps onto a tool – from a power saw to a pair of garden shears.

The juxtaposition between the glamorous outfit and the nature of the ‘masculine’ tools could have reinforced gender stereotypes, however rather than the tools appearing out of place they instead fit comfortably into the scene, even co-ordinating with the outfits themselves. The resulting collection is a bold and colourful statement on the modern woman.

To see more from Reemtsen, visit her website.

Via Colossal

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