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The travel industry is one of the most competitive spaces to be in. At the same time, it’s also one of the most revolutionized industries thanks to the introduction of internet.

Gone are the days when you would have to visit a local travel agent, look through a flyer and randomly pick a destination based off a few photos and the recommendations of your agent. Now everything can be done online while also providing almost life-like experiences through online videos and customer feedback and reviews.

At the same time, the process of finding the best deal and saving the most money is easier than ever before as well. Travel and review sites are battling it out in a very competitive space, as customers bounce from site to site trying to find the best deals and destinations possible.

The good news is that as a site owner or affiliate marketer, there is a ton of opportunity to make money in the travel space by teaming up with the right partners. Oceanwide Expeditions, is one such partner that is completely revolutionary the travel industry through their once in a lifetime style ship-based exploratory tourism.

In this article, we are going to take a look at what Oceanwide Expeditions has to offer, both as a travel business and for affiliates who can start earning some serious money through their affiliate program.

Oceanwide Expeditions –  Not Your Average Cruise Company

The travel industry is a massive multi-billion dollar industry. However, when it comes to cruise ships and the concept of cruising around the world, the common misconception is that it’s going to be too expensive or that you will be stuck on a cruise with a bunch of retirees and that it will be boring. This, however is anything further from the truth!

Oceanwide Expeditions isn’t your typical travel or cruise agency.

Within just seconds of visiting their site, you will see not only an amazing selection of once in a lifetime experiences, but also outdoor activities, wildlife adventures, and thrilling expeditions that cater to the most active and adventurous individuals in the world today.

The main focus behind all cruises through Oceanwide Expeditions is their exploratory tourism in the Arctic and to Antarctica. Not only are these experiences not your ‘typical cruise’, they are also focused in some of the most amazing parts of the world that the majority of travelers never really consider as their top destinations.

As an affiliate of Oceanwide Expeditions, this leaves you with a huge opportunity to not only make money in this space but to also cater to this location of the world and the many travel destinations it has to offer.

How to Make Money with Oceanwide Expeditions

As mentioned earlier, Oceanwide Expeditions is driving a massive amount of sales to their business through their affiliate programs, which currently pays up to a 4% commission on each confirmed online booking. While the sound of a 4% commission might seem low at first, each referred sale to Oceanwide Expeditions could actually be worth several thousands of dollars in commissions.

With the average cruise ranging between $1,700 to $38,000, that 4% commission can quickly add up.


The Oceanwide Expeditions affiliate program is currently managed through Affiliate Window, which is the ad network you will need to join in order to promote their affiliate offer. Once setup as an affiliate, you will have access to in-depth reporting and management tools used to earn those great commissions.

As an affiliate of Oceanwide Expedition, you will have access to a wide range of affiliate links, ad creatives and booking widgets (like the ones shown below) to help you promote the site. If you already have a travel based website, such tools can easily be implemented into your site content for improved traffic and engagement. Other marketing materials include videos, photos, blog posts, banners, and brochures.


How to Earn Over $7,000 in Commissions with One Sale

As highlighted earlier, Oceanwide Expeditions has quite a selection of cruises in both the Arctic and Antarctic to choose from. However, there’s one in particular that stands high above the rest — The Spectacular Ross Sea (OTL28-17) trip, which includes helicopter options to land on the Ross Ice Shelf if conditions allow, is described as “the most spectacular Antarctic journey ever.”

As an affiliate partner of Oceanwide Expeditions, this isn’t just an amazing opportunity to promote to your audiences, it’s also an opportunity for a huge commission payout as well!


The Spectacular Ross Sea journey is a 30-night trip that no one could ever forget. Affiliates also won’t forget this one in a lifetime opportunity, should they refer any sales on this cruise, as it currently pays out a massive 7.5% first sale commission should you fill a quadruple porthole cabin (four passengers). For affiliates, this is a potential single commission of $7,710!

To see firsthand what type of experience is offered on the Spectacular Ross Sea adventure, be sure to watch the short video below.

Spectacular expedition to the Ross Sea! from Oceanwide Expeditions on Vimeo.

When it comes to promoting cruise opportunities like this, it’s best to target an audience that is already looking to travel in the Arctic or through Antarctica. This will simply make for an easier sale and once your audience sees the amazing journey and perks included in this package, they simply won’t look at any other cruise experience the same way.

No matter if they choose to sail the sea through the Ross Sea expedition or any other experience offered through Oceanwide Expeditions, you can be rest assured a hefty affiliate commission will be heading your way.

The best way to promote this individual cruise experience or any expeditions offered through Oceanwide Expeditions is through an independent website or landing page to highlight the benefits of each cruise. Always remember to “sell the experience”, while also making sure you are targeting the right audiences at all times.

To start potentially earning thousands of dollars per referred sale to Oceanwide Expeditions, be sure to join their affiliate program today.

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