By Monika Zagrobelna

Final product image

What You’ll Be Creating

Famous Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, had to wait quite a while for his own movie, but his time has come. So, obviously, it’s also time for a tutorial with Deadpool as the star!

If you want to express your joy in a creative way, follow me—you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to do this, and you don’t need a tablet either. By the way, you’ll learn the basics of Shapes and the Pen Tool, which isn’t as scary as they say. I promise. Are you ready?

1. Prepare the Sketch

It’s very hard to create an illustration without any guide lines. Let’s prepare a simple sketch that will be a skeleton for the rest of the picture. Feel free to do it traditionally, with a pencil. You can also use my sketch, if you don’t like drawing.

Step 1

Start by drawing the core of the pose: a “torso” with legs.

draw vector deadpool photoshop basic skeleton

Step 2

Let’s rotate the torso to the right by bending the torso line.

draw vector deadpool photoshop perspective

Step 3

Add the collarbones and the arms.

draw vector deadpool photoshop arms

Step 4

We now have enough guide lines to add more parts of the body. If’s too confusing for you, try this beginner-friendly tutorial

If this tutorial has got you interested in vectors, maybe it’s a good opportunity to start your adventure with Illustrator? Make sure to check out The Fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator course!

draw vector deadpool photoshop full costume silhouette

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