By Nick Mediati

iOS’s Messages app can get cluttered up in a hurry, between conversations with friends over lunch plans, passive-aggressive texts from old flings, and automated messages reminding you to pay your phone bill. But iOS comes with a few tools that can help you control the clutter and keep Messages under control.

Delete individual text messages

Have you ever scrolled through your text message history and thought, “I can’t believe I said that?” With iOS, you can easily delete the offending message. 

First, open the Messages app, and go to a conversation if you aren’t looking at one already. Tap and hold the message you want to remove, then tap More… in the pop-over menu that appears. Tap the circle next to the message (or messages) you want to delete so a blue checkmark icon appears. Finally, tap the trash can icon in the lower left, then confirm that you want to delete the message when prompted.

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