By Nick Mediati

Released in fall 2014, iOS 8 brought with it a truckload of new features—one of which was the ability to swap out Apple’s built-in keyboard with one of your choosing supplied by a third-party developer. After all, the stock keyboard isn’t for everyone, and it has its fair share of shortcomings.

If you’ve never tried a new keyboard, now’s a good time to explore your options, and making the switch is a fairly easy process. Here’s how to go about it.

Before we begin, a note about privacy

Since third-party keyboards can access anything you type in, there are some privacy risks inherent to using such a piece of software. As Apple notes in a privacy disclaimer nestled in the Settings app, third-party keyboards may be able to send anything you type to that company’s servers. For example, a keyboard may need to communicate with a server in order to analyze what you type and offer up better autocorrect suggestions. 

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