By Darlene Hildebrandt

If you’ve ever wanted to photograph a bottle (beer, wine, soda, ever water) and make it look like they do in the magazines or advertisements you’ll want to watch this!

In this video tutorial Lee Morris from Fstoppers shows how to light a beer bottle, step by step, one light at a time. See what each is doing as he adds them one by one. Check it out and scroll down below the video to get links to some of the gear he mentions in the video.

Things mentioned in the video:

Yongnuo flash
Flash Disc by Fstoppers
PocketWizard triggers
Magmod grid
Acrylic Ice Rock Cubes 3 Lbs Bag, Vase Filler or Table Decorating Idea- Clear

Want to see more beverage images – have a look here.

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