By Glenn Fleishman

Reader Grayson Price asks:

I recently got a new iPhone 6, and I still use my old iPhone 5 as a glorified iPod. Is there a way to set up text message forwarding on my iPhone 5? Is there a way to install the iPod version of the OS on the phone?

I’ll start with the second: Fortunately, iOS is essentially the same on every iOS device for which the release runs. It’s only since iOS 4 that the original iPad appeared and caused a divergence, which was rectified by iOS 5. Since then, you can just install the latest update to any phone that supports it.

iOS 8 and 9 work on models of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that date back years. An iPhone 5 can be updated just fine, and any phone features you don’t need, because the phone isn’t activated on a cellular network, simply remain unavailable. In my house, we have an ancient iPhone that can’t be updated past iOS 7, and it remains in use for certain games.

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