By Glenn Fleishman

A reader asks:

I have an Amazon Prime account and for added protection I’d like to put all my photos on its cloud drive for backup. I have a Time Machine backup but would also like to put my photos on Amazon’s cloud drive. How can I cleanly do this? Is there a way to keep the metadata? I’m not concerned about the library or folder the photos are in but would like to keep the dates, location, file names the photos have.

The metadata is no problem: because each image file format has its own spec for metadata, these defining photo and video characteristics—like the timestamp for when it was captured, the aperture, and so forth—aren’t operating system dependent. They come along with the image, unless you’re using a service that promises to scrape some metadata out. Social networks remove some metadata to protect privacy, for instance, but it’s assumed with a cloud photo service, you’re managing what you want shared.

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