By Darren Rowse

Last week we released our brand new course – Photo Nuts and Shots which is all about teaching the tools, techniques and thought processes for creative photography. It’s by on of our most popular ebook authors, Neil Creek and features over two hours of video teaching.

We asked Neil to create this course as he has a natural knack of explaining technical concepts in a way that makes the intricacies of photography easy to understand.

We’re so convinced that this course will help you that we want to share a couple of minutes from one of the modules about avoiding blurry images with you here today.

Neil Creek runs through an additional 35 minutes of golden focus advice in this lesson – available in full when you purchase the course online today.

Keep in mind that this is just one of ten creative photography lessons included in Photo Nuts and Shots.

So you’ll not only discover practical tips and tricks for producing tack sharp photos, but get step-by-step guidance on:

Using light effectively
Avoiding and embracing lens flare
Composition techniques
Choosing creative exposure settings
Thinking flexibly on location
And much more!

With Neil’s comprehensive demonstrations and easy-to-understand teaching style, it’s like having your very own professional photography mentor.

All packaged in over two hours of streamable and downloadable video content for the terrific introductory price of USD $39. That’s 33% off!

Don’t miss out – take the full course today.

We’ve extended the 33% saving to our first course, Photo Nuts and Bolts, too (although you can certainly take one without the other). So both are USD $39 each, but for a limited time only. And you can rest assured that all of our video courses come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.   

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