By Roman Loyola,

Susie Ochs

Apple’s public beta program is designed to get a larger pool of people testing the new operating system—more users, more devices, more edge cases, and hopefully a lot more feedback.

Submitting bug reports and comments to Apple is your solemn duty as a beta tester, and Apple actually listens to and responds to those reports. In fact, when we signed in to the Feedback app in the iOS 10 beta, it not only looked the same as last year’s, but also still had copies of our bug reports from testing iOS 9.

In the macOS Sierra public beta, you report issues through the Feedback Assistant app, and iOS 10 has a Feedback app too. When you install one of these betas, the app is automatically installed. If you’re unfamiliar with Feedback Assistant, we’ll walk you through the steps of using it.

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