New Work from Bompas and Parr

Hunger and relief exist in a twisted, spinning cycle: whereas eating might satiate our desire and offering a soothing relief, continued consumption might send us spinning until we’re bloated. Our hunger can be overwhelming, as can the rush of satiation. For Man vs Gut, designers Bompas & Parr asked their models to fast for an entire day. They then brought their models into the photo studio, serving the desired culinary dishes that were most wanted by each person at the peak of their hungered state, recording participants’ first bite of food. From donuts and ice cream to dumplings and spaghetti, shots of the ecstatic reunion between food and feeders is soundtracked by the intense grumbling of stomachs waiting for food. 

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Images © Bompas & Parr, Addie Chinn

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Author: nathan

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