Based in Lausanne, Switzerland Dennis Moya is a designer with many talents and even more obsessions. Swiss design is his religion, poster design is ,one of, his crafts and Instagram posts his hobby – as long as they pay respect to the ‘Swiss Style’ posters that are capturing anyone’s attention through the streets of Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich or St Gallen. Luckily for us his @swissposters account is open to follow and enjoy the stunning work at display on the streets. A graphic designer and communication manager at Swiss Typefaces Moya also runs design platform Ligature with jewellery designer Tiffany Bähler. As revealed to Creative Review Moya set up @swissposters in response to a comment on his account. “He wanted to see more pictures of posters displayed in the streets, in their environment… so I created it” he says. Therefore he takes the train four days a week for work and whenever he sees something “interesting, boring, new, cultural, political” in poster format he captures and then he edits his feed. Yet this is not a personal account as Moya is keen to publish submissions and photographs by other designers and enthusiasts as long as they are interesting.

“Personally, I like posters where typography is the main element. But the main thing is if it’s eye-catching and interesting because of its design and approach” says Moya of his curated feed which swarms with innovative and unusual visual identities and striking typography.

“You can see the many styles and varieties in recent months and years. The ‘Swiss Style’ from the fifties is in our minds but it was 70 years ago” he adds. “Today, there isn’t a main style but there is the importance of typography that unifies them. When I talk about typography I talk about the care of the typeface choices and the care of composition and layout design.”

You can follow @swissposters on Instagram here and read more of Moya’s impressive Instagram collection here.

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Author: virak

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