By Eliza Williams


Is Ikea a brand for life? Its new ad campaign seems to certainly be trying to position it that way. Created by Mother and shot by Glue Society’s Gary Freedman, the 90-second spot takes us on a journey through a couple’s life together, highlighting how events that might be ordinary – painting your first home, playing tennis in the back garden – can become epic when life is good.


The ad is part of Ikea’s Wonderful Everyday series of ads, which has previously brought us surreal floating beds, spinning kitchens, and flocks of flying t-shirts.

The tone of this new spot sits at odds with those quirkier ads, opting instead for a more mainstream nostalgic style. In this the brand loses some of the distinction in its marketing, but the ad does bring a more emotional vibe than we’ve seen from Ikea before. And perhaps emotion is what is required if Ikea wants to shift perception away from affordability and adaptable design into the loftier ground of being a brand that will accompany us on ‘life’s journey’. All in all, an interesting progression.

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