By Eliza Williams


DreamWorks Animation has created 25 films for Ikea, using a mix of 2D and stop motion animation. The trailer below gives a hint of what the films will be like, and the series will begin airing on Ikea’s YouTube channel from November.

The films feature characters from the new Lattjo toy range, including an eagle named Ernst, who is scared of heights, a wizard and a vegetarian vampire. The Lattjo collection consists of a wide range of games and toys for indoor and outdoor play, making music, and role play. According to Ikea, one of the specific aims of the range is to encourage parents and children to play together more.

Ikea’s decision to team up with DreamWorks to make the films is a shrewd move, as the animation house comes with its own fanbase who will no doubt be keen to watch the films, regardless of them ultimately being ads.

It shows a commitment to ‘content’ over traditional advertising by Ikea, and it’s easy to imagine how children who enjoy the animations will then want to buy the toys, in a similar way to the way they purchase movie merchandise. Clever stuff.


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