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Illustrator in 60
Seconds: How to Create a Phone Icon

In today’s tutorial we’re going to show you how to create your very own phone icon using nothing more than simple shapes and tools that you probably already work with on a daily basis.


How to Create a Phone Icon

Step 1

Start by creating a new web document with a 128 x 128 px artboard, which we’ll structure using two separate layers. Select the first layer, and add a 120 x 120 px circle which we’ll color using yellow.

Crate a Circle

Step 2

And then align it in the center, locking its layer. Create the phone’s main shape using a white 48 x 84 px rounded rectangle with a 6 px corner radius, which we’ll position in the center of the artboard.

Add a rounded rectangle

Step 3

Using the Rectangle Tool, add a display by drawing a 40 x 58 px shape, which we’ll color using yellow and then center align to the phone’s body, pushing it a few pixels toward the top afterwards. Add the lower button, using a yellow 8 x 8 px circle which we’ll center align to the phone’s chin. 

Finish off the icon by creating the phone’s earpiece, using a 12 x 2 px rounded rectangle with a 1 px corner radius, which we’ll then center align to the upper section of its body.

Add further shapes

A Bit More Detail

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