By Laura Collinson

You know that moment before something bad happens, when you’re overcome with a sense of anxious suspense? Braced in anticipation? It could be in the split second before a cup smashes to the floor, or as someone trips and falls to the pavement head first. This series of photographs by Aaron Tilley and Director, Kyle Bean, captures that feeling perfectly.

Commissioned for Kinfolk Magazine’s Adrenaline Issue, the creative duo were asked to recreate the very moment just before something shocking happens, exploring the relationship between our minds and bodies by way of our coping mechanisms. Whether a situation takes a turn for the worse or not, our bodies tense in order to help cushion the potential blow.

Interestingly, Tilley’s series In Anxious Anticipation induces the same emotional and physical response, leaving the onlooker in permanent state of flux. Will the stone ignite the matches? Will the eggs smash into a million shards of shell? Will the glass be overturned, spilling its contents across the table? We’ll never know.

A very clever, beautifully shot series, that’s both frustrating and unsatisfying. Discover more at

Via Bored Panda

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