By Becci Sharpe

It’s a face, or perhaps head of hair, that’s instantly recognisable, anywhere in the world today, but look closely at Geoffrey Stein’s portrait of Donald Trump and you’ll see it has been painted onto newspaper clippings and business documents, using acrylic, charcoal and pencil.

Describing himself as a ‘recovering lawyer’, Stein is a full-time painter from New York. Much of his work explores print and newspaper collaging effects with painting. This portrait of London Mayor Boris Johnson, for example, has been created using London newspapers and a map of the London Underground.

Stein works between the lines of abstract and realist, he creates recognisable faces, but is not interested in a photo realistic portrait. He believes in letting his subconscious reveal itself through brushstrokes, commenting: ‘I savour slips of the hand that express one’s unconscious feelings about the person being painted’ — a risqué strategy when painting politicians!

You can see more of these incredible artworks on Stein’s website.

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