By Becci Sharpe

Maria Filipe Castro is a toy designer and textile artist from Matosinhos in Portugal. A devotee of needle felting techniques, her work is inspired by Japanese Kawaii style, traditional crafts and contemporary illustration.

Her subjects are mostly inanimate objects, from a simple raincloud to a bunch of grapes. Brought to life using her signature cartoon style, they become witty and almost unbearably cute. Her collection of milkshakes and drinks are especially wonderful — portraying instantly recognisable characters using just the smallest features, they include a hipster orange juice and a cheeky chocolate milkshake.

You can find all of Castro’s creations on her Etsy page, Drool Wool.

'Apple and Worm scarf'

‘Apple and Worm scarf’

'Strawberrrette' glass of strawberry milk

‘Strawberrrette’ glass of strawberry milk

'Katy Peary'

‘Katy Peary’

'Citrullus' orange juice

‘Citrullus’ orange juice

'Chok' chocolate milk

‘Chok’ chocolate milk

'Strawie' strawberry juice

‘Strawie’ strawberry juice

'Tommy Orange and baby brother'

‘Tommy Orange and baby brother’

'Al Mond' glass of almond milk

‘Al Mond’ glass of almond milk

'Grapey Sue'

‘Grapey Sue’

'Mr Rainy Cloud'

‘Mr Rainy Cloud’

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