By caroline

The Chinese Illustrator Creates Informative And Imaginative Infographics

Born in China and based in London, illustrator Jing Zhang creates beautiful infographics that, upon closer inspection, are whimsical illustrations; these engaging images teach their viewers everything from how to cook the best bowl of ramen, to what is actually happening inside a cat person’s head, or even how to make a delicious burger. As Jing tells us, her Recipe Cards involve everything she’s passionate about: “food, food, and food.” While her Infogra-fakes furnish actual infographics with imaginative facts, e.g. what a sweet tooth is made of. The series was inspired by ancient Chinese foot acupressure and palm reading maps which she revived with tiny characters and creative topics.

Jing Zhang mostly works with clients from the advertising industry, who appreciate her bright designs and ability to make the images accessible and cheerful.

Images © Jing Zhang

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