For this article in the international artist series, we turn to Turkey, featuring six artists who create fantastic work, from
illustration to graphic design and more! I asked each artist how their
country and culture inspired their work, and they delivered fantastic
answers. Enjoy!

Muhammad Naveed

Muhammad is a motion graphics director based in Istanbul, Turkey. His work showcases his passion in broadcast motion graphics and visual effects with incredibly vibrant and thoughtfully crafted designs. Check out a small collection of his work below or see more in his portfolio.

Turkey Coup-Proof

What I love about Turkey most is the history and food!

Turkey Coup-Proof by Muhammad Naveed
Turkey Coup-Proof

AHABER New Season Identity

Almost six years before a news network allowed me to come and work on their designs I had joined the largest news network in
Istanbul. I found myself lucky to be working in Istanbul and clearly
felt a change in my work after mixing my ideas in Turkish culture.

AHABER Identity

News Branding – K24 IRAQ

Within creative projects, designers
bring a wide array of skills they’ve gained from
all sorts of experiences regardless of their
particular circumstances.

In my experience of collaborative projects, designers are keen to
participate as a member of the team. Every designer has a unique
perspective, and working on collaborative projects became an open door for me to
understand the perspective of others. After just one project my circle of creative friends has increased and we sit and discuss ideas together in
one small coffee shop. It’s heaven to be able to do that.

News Branding - K24 IRAQ by Muhammad Naveed
News Branding – K24 IRAQ

Ezgi Pamir

Ezgi is an illustrator and costume designer based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her work features fantastical illustrations and remarkably embroidered designs. Check out a small collection of her work below or see more in her portfolio.

Twins in the Forest

Turkey is my home. This is the land where I was born and raised and also where I feed my soul. Turkey is a huge country and there are so many cultures and religions all mixed together.

When you
travel to Turkey, you’re also traveling to so many different cultures, regions, and civilizations. People have learned to live in
harmony in this country for many centuries. I also love Turkish people, songs, poems, language, and the things that are
uncontaminated in my country.

Twins in the Forest by Ezgi Pamir
Twins in the Forest

Embroidery – Rainy Day

I live in Istanbul and this city has a population of 15 million. It is
the metropolis of Turkey and you can see so many cultures coming together. When you are traveling to the city, it always surprises you with its beautiful character and history. You can see ancient churches in modern districts and modern art museums in historical places.

Find a lovely violin maker along a narrow
street, or watch a great musical in the center of the city. This diversity gives artists a great
perspective, and you can find so much inspiration for your art in
İstanbul. Depending on how much time you spend on
the street, the city will take you away to extraordinary worlds. The city can show you new places, and open many new doors for you.

Embroidery - Rainy Day by Ezgi Pamir
Embroidery – Rainy Day

Embroidery Portrait

Embroidery Portrait by Ezgi Pamir
Embroidery Portrait

Woman n the Goose

In spite of our country’s size, there are very few art schools and they
only receive a few students. As a result, all of the artists usually know one another. With the help of
social media, we are now familiar with art worldwide too. We
are always trying to improve our talents and we all know we can not
survive without development. The world is changing so we have to catch up. I
believe that Turkey’s best artists will be blooming in the next few years.

Woman in the Goose by Ezgi Pamir
Woman n the Goose

Burak Şentürk

Burak is an illustrator based in Istanbul, Turkey. His illustrative style features unique characters and awesome compositions. Check out a small collection of his work below or see more in his portfolio.


Istanbul and I have a love and hate kind of relationship with one another. Sometimes it feels good, and sometimes it feels bad​. The sunny ​side of the picture is that​​ the complexity of the country​ feeds me well enough ​to create art. Just like a Blues musician.

KASHKAFA by Burak Senturk

Palmtrooper with Krüw

Istanbul is​​ ​in the middle of the Europe and Asia. It is a ​very tough place to survive. We are neither European nor Asian. It’s a ​complicated situation​ ​which​​ ​makes us very multifaceted.

Palmtrooper with Kruw by Burak Senturk
Palmtrooper with Krüw


Panda by Burak Senturk

Freddykenstein for Villainz

My friends and I have an artist collective called KRÜW. It has 21 artists. We’ve had three successful screen print exhibitions so far and hope to keep doing what we do. Ultimately, we would like to introduce our art to ​people from all walks of life​.

Freddykenstein for Villainz by Burak Senturk
Freddykenstein for Villainz

Merve Atılgan

Merve is an illustrator based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her work features beautiful illustrations for children’s books and so much more. Check out a small collection of her work below or see more in her portfolio.

“Sa Yuu” Illustration for Bant Mag No. 50

There are lots of things to love about Turkey. We live in a beautiful area that’s got different botanical features
and different types of weather which I admire greatly. There’s so much culture within this territory. The area is rich in cultural heritage which is reflected in
every single detail, from food, to patterns, and even architecture. All of them
carry marks from this rich history and it’s absolutely magical.

Sa Yuu Illustration for Bant Mag No 50 by Merve Atilgan
“Sa Yuu” Illustration for Bant Mag No. 50

No. 41 for Bant Mag

Turkish culture inspires me from all directions. Especially the real
Turkish culture before the Islamic era. The shamanic Turkish culture
is magical with its mantras, music, habits, food, and patterns. I love all the traditional patterns and colors inside it.

No 41 for Bant Mag by Merve Atilgan
No. 41 for Bant Mag

Illustrations for Akbank Jazz Festival

Illustrations for Akbank Jazz Festival by Merve Atilgan
Illustrations for Akbank Jazz Festival

Poster for Akbank Sanat Jazz Festival

The art community here is getting bigger every single day and that’s
great. The illustration field has gotten more popular in recent years. People are
trying new techniques and are collaborating with artists from other
countries. Sharing culture and art feeds the artist’s souls. It’s so nice to see
people getting over certain stereotypes so that they can create art together.

Poster for Akbank Sanat Jazz Festival by Merve Atilgan
Poster for Akbank Sanat Jazz Festival

Ahmet Iltaş

Ahmet is an art director and designer based in Istanbul, Turkey. His work features amazing characters and environments developed for films, animations, and video games. Check out a small collection of his work below or see more in his portfolio.

Cinematic Illustrations

Turkey is mostly known for its underground art and music. It’s an adventure to discover new places hiding within its walls every day. Istanbul is a dynamic city and it gives me
inspiration to create new artwork.

There are all kinds of people
you can meet in the street, which is a blessing for an artist who is
curious about character design like me. I love to draw human sketches,
especially on ferry trips.

Cinematic Illustrations by Ahmet Iltas
Cinematic Illustrations

Illustrations for 2D Projects

I started sketching and drawing when I was 11 and never stopped. This course gave me the chance to try lots of different styles. I
was influenced by the flow of cubism and blended it with minimalism to create my own style. I like vivid colors
and landscape paintings as well. I’m always trying to add new things into each artwork I create to make
my style even better.

Illustrations for 2D Projects by Ahmet Iltas
Illustrations for 2D Projects

Day and Night

Day and Night by Ahmet Iltas
Day and Night

Turkish Airlines

In Turkey there are mostly editorial designers and illustrators. There
are a few styles that are accepted by the community. Unfortunately, very
few artists can escape from this and discover themselves with new styles. But, of course,
there are talented artists too which I follow actively. These artists
will inspire future generations.

Turkish Airlines by Ahmet Iltas
Turkish Airlines

Zeynep Kınlı

Zeynep is a freelance art director and illustrator based in Istanbul, Turkey. Her work features unique, minimalist designs with gorgeous colors and interesting shapes. Check out a small collection of her work below or see more in her portfolio.

Turkish Airlines Illustrations

I believe Turkey is a unique country with an unexplained charm and a fully evolved hybrid of eastern and western
cultures. I have lived in Istanbul for all my life, and even
though I have frequently traveled abroad, I started with
discovering the beauty of my homeland first.

Turkey has a lot to offer, with its gems scattered all around the
country guaranteed to satisfy every
interest and taste. The wonderful geographical location and the friendly atmosphere
let you fully experience all four seasons
and it is easy to understand why many people have made it their

Turkish Airlines Illustrations by Zeynep Kinli
Turkish Airlines Illustrations

Molte Design Agency – Glass Folio Design

In my opinion, the most important gift that this culture and region
has given me is my curiosity. I have grown to be so insatiably curious
with every aspect of life that sometimes I feel that living once won’t
be enough to cure my itch to learn, evolve, and create. There is a rich
history and culture to discover here, a flow of breakthroughs in creativity and technology, and lots of interesting people to meet.

Molte Design Agency - Glass Folio Design By Zeynep Kinli
Molte Design Agency – Glass Folio Design

Pat Findros – Character Design

Pat Findros - Character Design by Zeynep Kinli
Pat Findros – Character Design

The art community in Turkey is very diverse, productive, and
inspiring. We have an incredibly talented and closely-knit crowd of
illustrators and each have mastered their own style. We also have a passionate
group of creators working in studios
producing exquisite products and gaining worldwide recognition in
exhibitions and fairs around the world. Not to mention all the actors,
performance artists, dancers, videographers, and
motion designers that contribute to making the art community thrive in

Landmarks of Istanbul by Zeynep Kinli
Landmarks of Istanbul

Many thanks to the artists above that took time to answer my questions
and share a bit about themselves and how their country and/or culture
has impacted their work. You can check out more of their work in the
links below:

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