By Mark Sinclair

Part of a four-panel mural pasted up in London. Photo by @KrishnaMaroo

Over the last week, various sighting of posters and billboards hinting at the artwork for James Blake’s latest release have been appearing on Instagram and Twitter, with the record label 1-800 Dinosaur posting a photo of a large four-panel mural in London on Facebook.

In each case the posters displayed the unmistakable ink and watercolour work (not to mention handwriting) of Sir Quentin Blake.

Part of a four-panel mural pasted up in London. Photo by @KrishnaMaroo

Earlier on today, the final album cover and also a tour poster were revealed on James Blake’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. There’s now also a video, below, for the first track off the release, I Need a Forest Fire – essentially a long close-up of bursts of paint from Blake’s watercolour work.

And in the last few minutes, Sir Quentin also tweeted the final cover over at QuentinBlakeHQ (with user @HeidiOpdekamp among the first to point out the surprise hidden in the picture…).

The homepage of James Blake’s website with art by Sir Quentin Blake

James Blake’s The Colour in Anything is out now,

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