By Laura Collinson

French photographer Reine Paradis is the creator of these surreal images, which set a beautiful, blonde model (Paradis herself) against a shocking background of bright blue. Based in Los Angeles, California, Paradis starts her creative process with a location before sketching out how she wants the scene to appear.

As Reine explains: “Shot throughout America, the series Jungle takes us on an introspective journey across a symbolic and chromatic world, projected above the limit of reality and imagination. Each scene is imagined and pre-conceptualised before shooting in real locations. All items are meticulously designed and prepared ahead according to the initial vision of the scenes.”

Perhaps the most unique element of this particular series is the addition of origami animals, which slot seamlessly into the frame. Encompassing stylistic elements of Hitchcock and Lynch, the cinematic photographs present a skewed view of destinations in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and New York.

Alongside the physical setting, colour plays an important role in Paradis’ work. For Jungle, blue, orange and white provides the bold – almost hypnotising – palette. Discover more at

Via The Creators Project

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