Probably to create animations in the sky.

Lady Gaga’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl today is expected to feature hundreds of drones swarming over Houston’s NRG Stadium stadium, according to CNN.

It’s the first time drones have been used in a halftime show. The drones will be lit-up, likely flown to create animations in the sky.

The report doesn’t specify what kinds of drones will be used, but this wouldn’t be the first time hundreds of drones were flown in unison for entertainment.

Disney used similar technology to fly 300 drones simultaneously every night this winter in Orlando for a holiday-themed light show. Those drones were from Intel.

Intel unveiled its tiny Shooting Star quadcopter in November, which is designed specifically to fly with hundreds of other drones at once — all controlled by a single operator.

Shooting Star

Shooting Stars weigh less than a pound, and together, hundreds can be choreographed to create aerial animations in the night sky. The drones can travel up to 22 miles per hour.

While drone enthusiasts are in for a treat watching the halftime show, they are not allowed to fly aircraft themselves. On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration declared a 34.5 mile radius surrounding the NRG Stadium a “No Drone Zone” on game day to avoid safety risks. The flight restrictions are only in effect from 4 pm to 11:59 pm on Sunday.

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Author: April Glaser

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