The spring MacOS bundle from BundleHunt is now live with deals starting at $5. You’ll need to pay the baseline fee to unlock the deals, from there each title can be yours for as little as $1 per. This time around, you’ll be able to choose from some of the most popular third-party MacOS apps out there, such as Fantastical 2, TextExpander, DaisyDisk, Parallels and more. Many of these titles sell for $20 and upwards of $50 on App Store, making this a great time to outfit your Mac with some new software.

Each app will become a permanent part of your collection and you can add as many titles (and even multiple licenses) as needed. Simple press the plus (+) button below each app to add it to your customized bundle. Head below for details on some of our top picks from the spring BundleHunt.


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