By Laura Collinson

Self-confessed architecture addict, Arndt Schlaudraff, is the brainchild behind these miniature Brutalist buildings created using only white bricks from the LEGO Architecture Studio Box. The result of the artist’s handiwork is shared in photographic form on his Instagram feed, @lego_tonic.

Buildings from all around the world feature in his creations: from the Eiffel Tower to the Tate Modern. Once photographed, the work is almost immediately destroyed to allow availability of materials for the next project. And therefore, Instagram has proven to be the perfect platform on which to keep a record of the impressive builds.

After being inspired by a friend’s LEGO Architecture Studio Box, and being a fan of LEGO as a child, Schlaudraff decided to combine his love of architecture and passion for design. Following a visit to the Bauhaus University in Dessau, he started to recreate famous architecture designs, for which his white bricks were simply the ‘perfect’ tool.

Currently based in Berlin, Schlaudraff is in the ideal location for the creative inspiration needed for his practical designs. To see more, follow @lego_tonic.

Via Ignant

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