By nathan

Building a Bright Summer Forest in a Soviet-Era Factory

Though the Baltic Sea keeps Estonia’s climate moderate and balmy in the summertime, the harsh winters leave something to be desired. Jan Skolimowski of KAMP Arhitektid kept this in mind while designing the new office for LENNE, an Estonian children’s clothing manufacturer. Skolimowski partitioned the 1,100 square-meter Soviet-era factory into a series of cozy offices and meeting rooms arranged across the multileveled floor-plan. Three-foot-tall balanced-arm desk lamps line one side of the office; tree trunks decorated with artificial branches and leaves sprout from the corridors and hallways. With carefully planned windows and angular walls, a warm wash of natural light reaches nearly all corners of the LENNE headquarters, leaving the impression of a perpetual summer forest even in the winter’s cold.

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Images © Terje Ugandi

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