By Adam Fong

I assume that if you’re reading this post, you have the privilege of historically unprecedented access to news and other media, and also care enough to have sought out some of the places where art happens near you.

As a composer and as a cultural entrepreneur, my interest is in the structures beneath the forms. I’m a consumer as much as the next person, but the materials that provoke my creativity are more often the source materials, the people behind the creations, and the spaces we didn’t realize — or had forgotten — were vacant.

Data before analysis

State of the Union

SnaapShot 2013: Locations

Global Health Observatory Data Repository

Musicians before music

Sound American Issue 13: The How We Listen Issue

“Composing While Female” by Dale Trumbore

“A Sonic Geography of Alaska” by John Luther Adams

Space before art space (West Coast new music edition)

The Royal Room

Center for New Music

Blue Whale

the wulf

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