By Becci Sharpe

Ashley Le Quere is a surface pattern designer and illustrator based in London. She specialises in vibrant hand-painted designs and screen prints that are inspired by everyday occurrences, and intricately designed into reoccurring patterns.

Her playful and colourful patterns draw influences from flora and fauna, household objects and elaborate texture details — covering themes from sea life, to the jungle to her kitchen. This is largely dependent on where she is in the world, so the inspirations for the patterns you see here come from as far away as Australia and as close to home as her London studio.

Her simple designs feature delicate detail and a fun sense of narrative, with carefully crafted patterns occurring. Le Quere’s work has been featured on everything from wallpapers and magazines, to book end papers and even children’s sleeping bags. Working often with screen-printing and pen, her favourite medium remains her faithful paintbrush, which she uses to create the gentle ink and watercolour effects that signify her personal style and character. Most elements are handcrafted separately on paper and then digitally worked into patterns onscreen so that each print is unique and fit to purpose.

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